Plastic Free July

July is just around the corner and that means Plastic Free July is almost here! A couple of weeks ago the government of Canada announced single-use plastics will be banned in 2021. What this means is all plastics we dispose after one use will no longer be available in Canada. This is a HUGE step…

The Journey to ‘Refuse’

Living on a tight budget and in a very small space has allowed me to practice the firs R of Zero Waste almost effortlessly. In Zero Waste, the 5 Rs are guiding principles to minimize household waste: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. Refuse is the first and more important of the Rs.

It’s All About Habit

Are we really that concerned about climate change? Are we willing to take that concern into action? What’s preventing us from doing it? The answer is habit.

Reducing Waste by Planning Your Meals

  Do you ever come home from work tired, hungry, and with no clue of what to make for dinner? Ordering pizza could be the easiest way out, but is it low waste?  Click here to read our latest collaboration with Bare Market for ideas on how to reduce your food-related waste at home and…

Socializing the Low Waste Way

Check out our collaboration piece for Bare Market in Toronto! Socializing the Low Waste Way Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @wastelandiatheblog!

Ethical Holiday Giving

We are 29 days away from Christmas Day and I’m sure most people have already started thinking about presents, if that’s part of their celebrations. Regardless of what you celebrate, showing your love towards others any time of the year is always welcome! If giving presents is part of your traditions, I put a little…