The Journey to ‘Refuse’

Living on a tight budget and in a very small space has allowed me to practice the firs R of Zero Waste almost effortlessly. In Zero Waste, the 5 Rs are guiding principles to minimize household waste: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. Refuse is the first and more important of the Rs.

It’s All About Habit

Are we really that concerned about climate change? Are we willing to take that concern into action? What’s preventing us from doing it? The answer is habit.

7% longer

I was listening to a podcast episode of the Ideas at the House┬átalk series. This one in particular was titled How to Save the World. One of the guests was environmentalist Jonathan Drori, whose challenge during the talk was to provide ideas on how to save the world. In the 8 minutes he was given,…